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Untimely overdose deaths happen across racial lines, across economic lines and no one has come up with a comprehensive solution. One organization in New Jersey is ahead of the trend however, and fighting hard with outstanding results.

Cops in this county are making some drug charges vanish. Here's why.

Several years later, the group ran a pilot program with the Howell Police Department, which partners trained "recovery coaches" with those addicted to drugs who come face-to-face with law enforcement. 



The five finalists for Impact 100 Jersey Coast’s three grants in 2018: American Littoral Society, Asbury Park Music Foundation, Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey, CFC Loud N Clear and Family Resource Associates.

Faux-Chella: Big tribute band fest in Seaside Heights takes on heroin epidemic

The “greatest concert that never was” is coming back to Seaside Heights.

It’s called “Faux-Chella” and eleven tribute acts are set rock Grant Avenue on two stages Saturday, Sept. 29. It’s a Rock the Farm Festival production that will benefit the Farmingdale-based  CFC Loud N’ Clear Foundation, which is fighting the state’s heroin epidemic. 

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Freehold Raceway Mall turns purple to highlight mental health

An effort to help people struggling with mental health issues is turning Freehold Raceway Mall purple.

On Friday, CFC Loud N Clear Foundation, in partnership with Freehold Raceway Mall, is hosting a free event called Painting the Mall Purple for Mental Health & Recovery Awareness. It will run from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. and feature speakers, music, yoga and information from 50 different community resources.

Building a community that can heal itself…

CFC believes in action. Too many lives have been lost, too many people are suffering on a daily basis. We need to help our community become stronger and offer them the tools to make change happen.

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Jon & Mindi's Story & Journey through addiction. 

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Rebuilding Lives - Finding Employment for People in Recovery

Teaching recovering addicts confidence, self reliance, self-sufficiency, productivity and passion through mentorship & career program.


Big tribute band fest in Seaside Heights to fight heroin epidemic

The “greatest concert that never was” is coming to Seaside Heights.

Nine of the area’s leading tribute bands will play in a festival called  “Faux-Chella,” Saturday, Sept. 16 on Grant Avenue in Seaside Heights. It’s a Rock the Farm Festival production that will benefit the Farmingdale-based  CFC Loud N’ Clear Foundation, which is fighting the state’s heroin epidemic. 

FOX NEW'S Conquering the Opioid Epidemic

President Trump has declared the opioid crisis a national public health emergency. He said it's the worst drug crisis in American history and a problem worldwide.

FOX's Jessica Rosenthal speaks with Desiree Constantineau and Kyle Steinberg from the New Jersey non-profit organization CFC Loud N Clear Foundation and also FOX News' Rick Leventhal about the ongoing opioid crisis.



If you think you’re in a cozy suburban bubble, protected from what authorities have coined a rampant opioid abuse epidemic, Fair Haven Police are set to burst it.

And the pin is poised for the pop, or at least a little deflation, tomorrow night when borough’s police join with CFC Loud N Clear Foundation ( for an informational presentation, discussion and guest speaker about the abuse of opioids, in pill form as well as injectable heroin, and other substance abuse issues at 7 p.m. Thursday night at Knollwood School.


Rock the Farm festival: Great music for a great cause

Rock the Farm was a music festival unlike any other … from the message we received the day before, warmly reminding us to bring our chairs and blankets in case of a chilly evening, to the welcoming party on Friday night at the Hershey Motel, where strangers were made to feel like family while we enjoyed excellent barbeque and superb music by the pool from two of the festival’s many tribute bands


Extremely Successful Howell Based Addiction Assistance Program Launched in Jackson

Over the past two years, Ocean and Monmouth County have topped the charts for highest rates of overdose deaths in New Jersey. Jackson Township officials have decided, enough is enough.

On Wednesday evening, Township officials met and agreed to adopt the R.I.S.E. program which address Recovery, Intervention, Support, and Education. This program comes as an extension of CFC Loud N Clear Foundation which was founded in Howell in 2012.

Every addict should have their own recovery plan!

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NBC Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen

Heroin - The New Killer Next Door Special 



Fox 5 Good Day Street Talk

Daniel & Lynn Regan on Fox 5 News. 



Community's Work Has Brought Recovery From Howell's Heroin Crisis, Groups Say

A coordinated effort of recovery coaches, law enforcement, educators and others has decreased cases, become a model, officials say.

HOWELL, NJ — As the battle against heroin abuse rages throughout much of New Jersey, various agencies and organizations are trying different approaches to combat the problem.

In Howell, authorities are making progress, thanks to a partnership among law enforcement, community leaders and organizations focused on drug abuse recovery.


Jersey Matters on TV!

Jersey Matters hosted CFC Loud N Clear Foundation in the studio for the day! Check it out. 


NJ 101.5 - 5 Things About Heroin Addiction

Heroin has a pronounced effect on both the brain and body — changing the brain in irreversible ways. Daniel Regan, co-founder of the CFC Loud N Clear aftercare program, had been in and out of rehab 7 times before finally beginning a longer and more dedicated path to recovery from heroin and methamphetamines.

CFC appears on CBS NYC! 

“He had us fooled… he was the perfect son at home, but with his peers he was somebody else. Starting a conversation with your child at all times is so important,” mother Lynn Regan said.


CFC's Crisis Intervention Team links with Howell Police Department

Howell Police Department announced this week what it’s calling the Opiate Abuse Initiative. “Recovery coaches” from a local nonprofit organization that focuses on aftercare and relapse prevention, the CFC Loud N Clear Foundation, will go to the scene of a narcan reversal to persuade patients into recovery.



Consumed By Addiction - Saved By Love

....but she did reach him, and together they’ve formed an organization that’s helped dozens of recovering addicts stay clean — giving them a place to go and activities to keep them busy in the comfort of friends who know what it’s like to have gone through their journey.


There is hope for people fighting addiction! 

Ocean County Prosecutor Joe Coronato, Carrier Clinic Drug Counselor Larry Litras and Lynn Regan, the founder of the after-care program CFC Loud N Clear, discussed how the problem continues to get worse, in large part because New Jersey has the most pure and cheapest heroin in the nation...


CFC receives Howell Service Organization of the Year! 

CFC Loud N Clear Foundation was awarded Howell Chamber of Commerce Service Organization of the Year and received the NJ Proclamation by Senator Singer and Assemblymen Kean and Rible.