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Our Mission

Committed to Rebuilding Lives After Addiction

We are committed to helping individuals and families struggling with addiction find, maintain, and strengthen their recovery through peer-based support & programs.

Rebuilding Lives. Healing Families. Supporting Recovery.

10 Years of Addiction Recovery

“Waking up for a few sober minutes, face wet, embedded on a dirt ridden floor, in this abandoned motel in the middle of palm springs…I was crying in my sleep.  I needed to run from myself, instead I reached for another needle….internal combustible self-hatred. If I remained sober for too many minutes I would have to realize where I was and what I had become.” Click Here to Read Daniel’s Story

Our Beginnings

Committed to Helping Our Community

In 2012, after many outpatient and inpatient treatment centers, and years of an uphill battle with addiction, the Regan Family discovered the gaps in the current system and realized a need for diverse programs of extended aftercare. When Daniel Regan left the safety of his final 30 day rehabilitation center, he returned to his Monmouth County home as a timid 21 year old man, unsure of how to piece back together his life. He developed a recovery system for himself with the help of his mother, Lynn Regan. After successfully practicing this recovery system, others became interested and asked to get involved, so they too could sustain long term recovery. The Regan’s quickly realized this system was working and that everyone deserves access to an aftercare program. In 2012, they created CFC Loud N Clear Foundation, a New Jersey 501c3.

Since conception, CFC has assisted over 20,000 families struggling with addiction and has received numerous accolades and rewards for the innovative, ground breaking approach to recovery.

Our Dedicated Team

Here to Help Our Community Recover

Executive Board of Directors

Our Founder

As the Executive director and co-founder of CFC Loud N Clear Foundation Lynn Regan provides leadership, guidance and development of the organization which has served over twenty thousand individuals and family members since 2011. CFC Loud N Clear is a NJ501c3 non-profit organization and responsibilities include managing staff, increasing fundraising, implementing new programs and working with board directors.

Ms Regan is responsible for public relations and advocacy for Ocean, Monmouth and Mercer counties creating symmetry between multiple entities. Ms Regan is requested at public speaking engagements. In her position she has spearheaded the development of the CFC Academy licensed by the NJ State Certification Board offering CCAR Recovery

Coaching, Ethics and NJ CPRS Certifications, Mental Health First Aid, CPR & First Aid, Narcan Administration and Interventions. She has been instrumental in the implementation and organization of multiple Law Enforcement agencies in the development of the Opiate Abuse Initiative which is currently used nationwide. As the founder of CFC Loud N Clear Ms Regan has established a ground-breaking employment program, named the TK=GO Program for those in recovery looking for mentorship and career opportunities. She has also created the Family Addiction Support Group named “The Healing Tree”. As Co-Founder and Executive Director of CFC, she established B-House Recovery Housing, which provides safe, program defined, housing with a model accountability segment promoting long term abstinence based recovery.

Recently, her CFC Team, along with Hackensack Medical University Hospitals have proudly developed a model system of Hospital Peer Support, thus enhancing intervention crisis care for those individuals entering the Emergency Dept of medical centers throughout NJ.

Currently, her vision and energy is to address the immense need for more treatment options for those covered by medicaid. The CFC Team has created a full day program called IPRP, Intensive Peer Recovery Program. IPRP is an innovative and groundbreaking program offering a life-stabilization curriculum to those struggling to re-organize their lives.

As the Executive Director and Co-Founder of CFC she expresses how she has been blessed to meet and love many people along this journey. What began as her family’s hardest life experience has blossomed into a treasure of kindred spirits, community and effervescent healing and for this “gift”, she expresses her gratitude and humility.

Before creating CFC Loud N Clear in 2011, Regan served as President and Founder of multiple locations of Little Giggles Inc, a NJ Licensed Childcare Entity in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

Regan attended Kean University for Early Childhood Education and Gibbs Business School. She also holds CPRS, RCA/Ethics TOT, Interventionist.

Lynn Regan’s Accomplishments include:

● 2012-2021: Assisted Over 15,000 Families in the State of New Jersey

● 2021: Lynn Regan Award Russ Berrie Making A Difference Award

● 2020: Expansion of Two Additional CFC Sites in Ocean/Monmouth Counties

● 2020: SAMHSA Grant: Building Recovery Community

● 2020: Hackensack Meridian Partnership

● 2019: Expansion of “B Houses” to Two More Sites

● 2018: Program Director Awarded “Making A Difference Award” in Howell Township

● 2018: Partnership with Freehold Raceway Mall for Paint the Mall Purple

● 2018: IMPACT100 Jersey Coast Grant

● 2017: Featured on NBC’S Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen

● 2016: Mental Health Association Honoree for Excellence in Addiction

● 2016: Fox 5 News, CBS News, Chasing News covers CFC Loud N Clear Foundation

● 2016: Crisis Intervention Team launched with Howell Police Department

● 2016: Free Public NARCAN Training Classes of 100+ in attendance.

● 2016: Opened 2 Sober Living Homes “B Houses.”

● 2015: Received Numerous Federal Proclamations

● 2015: Teen Preventions Programs adopted by the YMCA

● 2015: Howell Township Chamber of Commerce Organization of the Year

● 2015: Executive Director of CFC Loud N Clear Foundation, Lynn Regan, named

Chairperson of Howell Alliance

● 2013: CFC Loud N Clear Foundation received 501c3 Status

Our Team

Daniel Regan, CPRS


After his own heroin addiction and being dragged through the revolving door of treatment centers, Daniel realized the critical and vital need for extended aftercare and peer-based support. Upon returning home to New Jersey, Daniel created, with the help of his mother Lynn, a recovery plan for himself that would later become a life saving program for thousands of families.

Alyssa Regan

Assistant Executive Director

Alyssa Regan is constantly creating new and innovative ways to make the biggest impact on our communities through various fundraising campaigns and social media outreach. She believes in the recovery community because she has seen the ripple effect of what helping just one person can do. She is wife to founder, Daniel Regan, with whom she shares two children. “Everything I have is because of CFC Recovery and all things truly do come full circle.”

Alexa Rodriguez

Program Director

Alexa is currently interning with the State of New Jersey working towards receiving her Certification in Alcohol and Drug Counseling. She has been active in the substance abuse field since 2019 and is an avid advocate for Relapse Prevention and Mental Health. She also achieved her CCAR Certification through CFC's academy. Substance Abuse has touched her life and she is actively working to be part of the change. In her words, “I want to become that little bit of hope to someone in need.”

Carol Mason

Toms River Site Coordinator

Carol Mason has been a nurse for the last 48 years and has dedicated her life to helping others. Carol is a Reiki master/teacher and holds certifications in both Reiki Drumming and Crystal Therapy. She has been facilitating sound healing with the Singing Crystal Bowls for the last 8 years and offers Monday Meditation with CFC Recovery since 2013. Carol is CCAR Certified (through CFC) and knows first hand what a person in recovery can achieve! Her husband, Bob, has proudly been in recovery for almost 30 years.

Sue Evans

Family Liaison, CPRS, Women’s Recovery Coach

Sue Evans has been a part of CFCs family support group, "The Healing Tree," for many years and has continued to be a pillar in the recovery community even after her son graduated from CFC's program achieving and maintaining long term recovery. She is committed to healing families and strengthening our community. Sue Evans now runs "The Healing Tree" on Wednesday Nights in our Howell Location at 7:00 PM.

James Casey

CCAR Recovery Coach, CPRS, Faith Based Recovery Facilitator

In early October 2015, as part of his role as police chaplain, at the request of his chief, James enrolled and began his certification to become a CCAR recovery coach at CFC Loud N Clear. In the 5+ years that he has been with the CFC family, he has experienced first hand the philosophy of Coming Full Circle. “I have faced and defeated many of the demons of my youth and in the process have stood alongside others as they battle their own. We, as a family, have had to say goodbye to many who we came to fall in love with, yet we continue to learn to forgive and to heal. Not only ourselves but others.” James is 36 years clean and sober and “thankful for every scar.”

Kyle Evans

Community & Client Relations Coordinator

Kyle Evans was raised in OceanPort New Jersey by mother, Susan Evans; CFC's Family Group Coordinator. He was introduced to CFC in 2018 and stayed in the program for 2 years. CFC led him to his wife and now beautiful son.  He celebrates 6 years in Recovery in 2022. "This milestone in my life could not have been accomplished without the love and support this program has given me. I am excited for my new journey in assisting others with the same struggles I overcame. I want to be the change in people's lives and spread my knowledge on recovery."

Gloria Azzinaro

Office Administrative Assistant

Gloria Azzinaro joins CFC with over 30 years of Executive Administrative experience working for Corporate Insurance and a Commercial Real Estate Law Firm in NYC.

She has a heart for helping others and is excited to start a new chapter in the nonprofit world. She looks forward to being able to work and accomplish real results and is excited to make an impact.

Amberlyn Rogers Matawan

Site Coordinator

Amberlyn has been a part of the CFC family for over a year. After struggling with mental health and addiction for more than a decade, she has now stepped into a leadership role as a house manager in our B-True Women's Sober Living House, facilitates our Women's Empowerment Meeting and coordinates our social events and meetings held at our Matawan location. Alongside her recovery, Amberlyn's greatest passion is her love of animals. She manages a canine boarding facility and in fact, she credits her "four-legged child" Tootsie, as being her biggest motivation in achieving and maintaining sobriety. Amberlyn hopes that sharing her experience and strength will show others that life can get so much better, even when things seem RUFF.

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