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Our Relapse Prevention Program

We offer an all-encompassing, long-term recovery program.

accountability, drug testing, and an active sober social community.

HealingUS Communities Relapse Prevention Program fills the gap after clinical treatment. We provide an all encompassing accountability program that helps keep you on track, fills your life with positive, passion inducing activities, and introduces you to a strong sober community. All of our programs are designed to change every aspect of your new life in recovery and keep you focused on the future.

Member Stages

How Our Program Works

  • Stage 1 - Awakening

    0-3 Months

  • Stage 2 - Fortification

    3-6 Months

  • Stage 3 - Broadening

    6-9 Months

  • Launch Pad - Emergent

    9-12 Months

  • Alumni - Recovery

    12-18 Months

Members-Only Perks

The Benefits of Our Program

All Members Will Enjoy:

Individual Peer Case Management

Meet bi-weekly with a HealingUS Communities Recovery Coach to discuss your goals, progress, and journey. This coach will take you through all membership stages, help you progress to independent living, coach you through relationships, and celebrate your successful graduation from the relapse prevention program.

Memership Fees

Become a CFC Recovery Member today

HealingUS Communities Member’s pay a monthly fee of $30. Think of it as a ‘Recovery Gym.’ All sober social activities, membership perks, and laboratory drug testing are included in this fee. Our relapse prevention program fundraises all year long to make sure this fee remains affordable to everyone.

Residents of B House Sober Living Homes do not pay any membership or intake fees.

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