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Formerly known as CFC Loud N Clear Foundation

Changing Lives Since 2012

When you come out of rehab, where do you go? What do you do in this new sober lifestyle to have fun? How do you rebuild your life, heal your relationships, and start new?

Using a multiple pathways approach and strong accountability system, our programs are designed to rebuild lives from the ground up and inspire each member to achieve long term recovery.

What We Do


We fill the gap after clinical treatment. All of our programs are designed to change every aspect of your new life in recovery and keep you focused on the future.


We provide more than 1,000 free community support group meetings every year, catering to diverse pathways for personal growth and development. Ranging from SMART, 12 Step, Refuge, & more!


Our sober living residences are located across Monmouth and Ocean County, for those seeking a supportive and nurturing environment on their journey to recovery.


Our Recovery Coach teams are on call for various police departments, our goal is to engage individuals in need at the time of crisis, providing them with the necessary support to start their journey.

Intensive Peer Recovery Program

A four-week day program developed to bridge and transition individuals from clinical care into a recovery community organization by utilizing peer support groups and peer case management.

Who should attend ?
Anyone who is....

Men & Women’s Programs

By creating a safe space where individuals can share their experiences and relate to others who have faced similar struggles, gender-specific peer support fosters a deeper level of understanding, connection, and healing in the recovery journey.
New Jersey 501c3 Nonprofit

We run on

With your donations, we’re able to hit the ground running, helping individuals in their journey towards recovery and getting them back on their feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering Your Common Questions

What Does HealingUs Do?

HealingUS is a relapse prevention program meaning our program begins after formal treatment and detox. We provided an array of recovery support services and an active sober social community. If you or a loved one is still in active addiction, we can assist with the entire journey from intervention to recovery.

What is a Relapse Prevention Program?

HealingUS provides an array of services to help individuals rebuild their lives after addiction while achieving longterm sobriety. These programs include:

  • Multiple pathway meetings which teach coping skill and self care
  • Sober social events which build community, peer support, self confidence and self worth
  • Volunteer opportunities which teach humility and gratitude
  • Surrounging an individual with a sober community allows them to create new friends and experiences separate from their old bad habits
  • Community creates the opposite of isolation.
  • Our Career & Employment program allows members to dream about a future regardless of their past mistakes.
  • Long Term Commitment to recovery. This is a lifestyle change, not just a phase.
How Do I Become a Member?

To become a HealingUS Member in Recovery, an individual must be actively pursuing recovery and schedule a meeting with our member services coordinator for an intake. 

How is HealingUS Different from Other Recovery Organizations?

To become a HealingUS Member in Recovery, an individual must have 30 days clean time and then an Intake appointment must be scheduled. Intakes occur at different times at each location. These will be individual or small group sessions and can take up to an hour.

Do I Need to Be a Member to Attend Meetings?

No. HealingUS offers 68 monthly meetings across 2 locations in Ocean County. These meetings are free and open to the public. You can find the schedule online on our events page here.

What Do I Need for an Intake?

A prospective member needs to bring an active credit/Debit card to pay for recurring membership fee ($30) and their insurance card for drug testing purposes. If you reside in HealingUS, the program is free.

How Much Does HealingUS Cost?

Members in recovery pay a monthly fee of $30. This includes all programs and annual recovery retreats.  If you reside in HealingUS Communities Houses, the program is free.

Is HealingUS a Treatment Center?

No, HealingUS is a progressive self help program run entirely by peers and recovery specialists. There is no clinical services provided. Clinical treatment is very important to stabilize an individual, address the underlying issues through counseling and medical intervention, and to begin making recovery plans for the future. HealingUS is the boots on the ground team that helps put those plans in motion.