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Steps to Recovery

Guiding You to Personalized Treatment Options.

How the IPRP Day Program Works

Addiction is maniacal and can ravage a community and family very quickly. Whether you are beginning your journey and just discovering your loved ones addiction or you have been suffering for years, this guide will help you understand the steps to recovery. The journey is not linear and must be customized to each individual. This guide is to help you understand where to start, how to continue, and ultimately, how to find a new life in recovery.

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Relevance Behavioral

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Relevance offers superior IOP & OP Services for those struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. At Relevance Behavioral Health, we have a superior team that has the clinical expertise to custom tailor a drug and alcohol abuse treatment plan that will help you or your loved one discover and find a solution to these root causes. We offer state-of-the-art program modalities and therapeutic treatments to make sure we can help you find the answers and solutions you or your loved one nee.

Steps to Recovery

Active Addiction

Your loved one is actively using drugs, alcohol and/or other substances.



Call us today to arrange an online, or in-person intervention at 1-833-300-HOPE.


(3-10 Days) Intense stabilization through medical intervention.

*Length of time/admittance depends on drug of choice & insurance.




Step 4 typically depends on your insurance carrier and coverage. There are a variety of routes and treatment options to take, ranked 1-4 below from the highest level of care to the lowest.

  1. Residential Inpatient (1-4 weeks) Live on campus while receiving 6+ hours of clinical care a day.
  2. Partial Hospitalization (14 - 45 days) Clients live off-campus and attend 6 hours of clinical treatment at facility.
  3. Intensive Outpatient (30-60+ days) Clients reside independently or in sober living homes, while participating in 4 hours of clinical treatment 3-5 days per week.
  4. Outpatient (14-90+ days) Clients reside independently or in sober living homes, while participating in 4 hours of clinical treatment 1-2 days per week.

Aftercare & Relapse Prevention

(Up to 18 months) Aftercare can include:

  • Employment & Career Assistance
  • Peer Support Meetings
  • Sober Social Activities
  • Family Support
  • Structured Sober Living
  • Recovery Retreats
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Life Skills Program

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