Recovery Stories: Kim Ciccone

In her mid-20s, Kim Ciccone started abusing cocaine and opiates. Addiction and substance abuse is an issue many people can relate to, either from personal experience or through a loved one. Kim’s life became a cycle of addiction, a story that feels all too familiar.

In the midst of her addiction, Kim was dealing with an extreme domestic violence situation and in a codependent relationship.

However, Kim’s parents connected her with CFC Recovery’s addiction recovery non-profit in New Jersey. Kim has now been clean for two years and is running CFC’s women’s empowerment program and working as our full-time marketing and event coordinator.

Speaking about her personal story at CFC’s annual fundraising gala last spring, Kim moved the audience and received a lot of gratitude for sharing her experiences. 

Kim has also been mentoring a woman who is dealing with similar struggles that Kim has faced in her life. 

Kim’s story is an inspiration to many people in recovery and shows how a sober community can really work to change lives.

The Asbury Park Press recently wrote a wonderful article on Kim’s journey and the impact she is now having helping others in recovery, which you can read here.

CFC Recovery was founded in 2012 by the Reagan family to build a community-based recovery system for those in need. Today, CFC Recovery has assisted over 20,000 families struggling with addiction, and we are proud to have been able to be a part of Kim’s recovery journey.