There is a gap in recovery. We are filling it.

When you come out of rehab, where do you go?

What do you do in this new sober lifestyle to have fun? 

How do you rebuild your life, heal your relationships, and start new?

Founded in 2012, CFC Loud n Clear Foundation 501c3 is a grassroots New Jersey registered nonprofit Recovery Community Organization (RCO) providing a model relapse prevention program that supports all pathways to recovery through peer driven and operated programs. 

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 CFC stands for Coming Full Circle

‘I always describe addiction as more of an infection than a disease. It starts off as a wound that isn’t taken care of properly whether that is a chemical imbalance, a belief system that is irrational, unresolved trauma or the inability to cope with conditions. A person finds a substance or behavior that fixes the symptoms but not the problem and the wound becomes infected (addiction). Addiction Treatment is where one goes to clean that wound out of the infection and then recovery, community, and relapse prevention are the protocol in order to finally heal that wound. Once all our wounds are healed, we need to maintain these practices so that any new wounds do not become infected.’ - Daniel Regan, Founder

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Impact 100 Jersey Coast’s 2018 Grant Recipient

CFC Loud n Clear Foundation is honored to have been selected and voted as an Impact 100 Jersey Coast 2018 Grant Finalist. With this funding, we will expand our Family Preservation Program in 2019 to serve the unmet need of siblings, couples, grandparents, at-risk-teens, and much more. We look forward to continuing our mission and could not have expanded these programs without the support of this incredible organization. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 

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Continuing Education Luncheon

December 7th, 2018 - 11:00am - 2:00pm

Molly Pitcher - Red Bank

Gourmet Lunch will be Served

*Free to Industry Professionals

Community Meetings

CFC offers multiple pathways to recovery. All below meetings are free and open to the public.



Howell Meditation - 7pm


Howell - SMART Recovery - 7pm


Howell - Family Support Group - 7pm

Howell - Refuge Recovery - 7pm


Jackson SMART Recovery - 7pm

Howell - 1st Thursday of the Month - Grief Support Group

Howell - 3rd Thursday of the Month - Women’s Only Group


Howell - SMART Recovery - 11am


Howell - Faith-Based Meeting - 12pm

Recommended Local 12-Step Meetings


Holiday Events

CFC adopts multiple local families in need each holiday season.


Thank you to our annual donors and community municipalities for the ongoing support and collaboration.

We are honored to work with you to create a recovery community.