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When you come out of rehab where do you go? What do you do in this new sober lifestyle to have fun? How do you rebuild your life, heal your relationships, and start new?

Using a multiple pathways approach and strong accountability system, our programs are designed to rebuild lives from the ground up and inspire each member to achieve long term recovery.

Our Upcoming Events

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Rock The Farm

2024 Date Set: 9th Annual Rock the Farm Tribute Festival

The 9th Annual Rock The Farm Festival was postponed to June 1, 2024. All tickets purchased in 2023 will be transferable to the re-scheduled date! Tickets & sponsorship on sale now!

2023 Giveback

Help Your Local Community With Our Thanksgiving Giveback

Donating Meals of Love for those in need in Monmouth/Ocean Counties. Each year, CFC Loud N Clear Foundation donates Thanksgiving meals, hand delivered by our members, for 10 to 15 families in our local community.

Duffles of Love

Second Annual Duffles of Love Drive

In partnership with Oceans Harbor House gives back this holiday season to at-risk and vulnerable youth with "The Love Duffle!"" Often times, children in these circumstances travel from place to place with garbage bags as their "suitcase."

giving tuesday cfc

Giving Tuesday 2023 CFC Loud N Clear Foundation

“I wear purple because…”
Support our campaign from November 28, 2023 to December 1, 2023 for #GivingTuesday by posting your photos, donating on our Facebook page at CFC Recovery, or on our website.

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Your tax-deductible donation will help HealingUS Communities remain on the forefront of mental health & recovery advocacy, services, and education, to continue our mission of helping individuals looking to achieve and maintain long term recovery. Our addiction recovery nonprofit is here for you.

Our Mission

Celebrating Healingus communities, formerly cfc loud n clear

Our addiction recovery nonprofit are committed to helping individuals and families struggling with addiction find, maintain, and strengthen their recovery through peer-based support programs and an all-encompassing recovery community. Click Here to Read Our Stories of Hope

“Waking up for a few sober minutes, face wet, embedded on a dirt ridden floor, in this abandoned motel in the middle of palm springs…I was crying in my sleep.  I needed to run from myself, instead I reached for another needle….internal combustible self-hatred. If I remained sober for too many minutes I would have to realize where I was and what I had become.” Click Here to Read Daniel’s Story

By the Numbers

10 Years of Addiction Recovery

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Families Impacted

Crisis Phone Calls, Treatment Assistance, Scholarships, Recovery Coaching, and so much more. HealingUS has impacted over 20,000 families since its foundation.

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Meetings Per Year

Across all three of our locations, HealingUS hosts 1,095 support group meetings a year that are free & open to the public. Click here for meeting schedule.

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HealingUS has trained over 400 recovery coaches and certified peer recovery specialists. Click here to view our upcoming training.

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Success Rate

Our relapse prevention program has an 85% success rate of individuals achieving long term recovery (18+ months). In 2020, HealingUS, formerly, CFC Loud N Clear Foundation was awarded the Building Recovery Community Organization’s grant from SAMSHA for our proven success.

One person dies every 5 1/2 minutes from prescription drug abuse in the US according to CDC.

In 2020 alone:

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People Died from a Drug Overdose.
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That's a 30% Increase Since 2019.
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Of Those Deaths Involved an Opioid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering Your Common Questions

What Does HealingUs Do?

HealingUS is a relapse prevention program meaning our program begins after formal treatment and detox. We provided an array of recovery support services and an active sober social community. If you or a loved one is still in active addiction, we can assist with the entire journey from intervention to recovery.

What is a Relapse Prevention Program?

HealingUS provides an array of services to help individuals rebuild their lives after addiction while achieving longterm sobriety. These programs include:

  • Multiple pathway meetings which teach coping skill and self care
  • Sober social events which build community, peer support, self confidence and self worth
  • Volunteer opportunities which teach humility and gratitude
  • Surrounging an individual with a sober community allows them to create new friends and experiences separate from their old bad habits
  • Community creates the opposite of isolation.
  • Our Career & Employment program allows members to dream about a future regardless of their past mistakes.
  • Long Term Commitment to recovery. This is a lifestyle change, not just a phase.
How Do I Become a Member?

To become a HealingUS Member in Recovery, an individual must be actively pursuing recovery and schedule a meeting with our member services coordinator for an intake. 

How is HealingUS Different from Other Recovery Organizations?

To become a HealingUS Member in Recovery, an individual must have 30 days clean time and then an Intake appointment must be scheduled. Intakes occur at different times at each location. These will be individual or small group sessions and can take up to an hour.

Do I Need to Be a Member to Attend Meetings?

No. HealingUS offers 68 monthly meetings across 2 locations in Ocean County. These meetings are free and open to the public. You can find the schedule online on our events page here.

What Do I Need for an Intake?

A prospective member needs to bring an active credit/Debit card to pay for recurring membership fee ($30) and their insurance card for drug testing purposes. If you reside in HealingUS, the program is free.

How Much Does HealingUS Cost?

Members in recovery pay a monthly fee of $30. This includes all programs and annual recovery retreats.  If you reside in HealingUS Communities Houses, the program is free.

Is HealingUS a Treatment Center?

No, HealingUS is a progressive self help program run entirely by peers and recovery specialists. There is no clinical services provided. Clinical treatment is very important to stabilize an individual, address the underlying issues through counseling and medical intervention, and to begin making recovery plans for the future. HealingUS is the boots on the ground team that helps put those plans in motion.

Our Addiction Recovery Nonprofit Programs

Helping Our Local Community recover

Sober Social Calendar

Open to HealingUS Members and Immediate Family / Partners, these retreats are designed to reunite families and inspire through travel, outdoor adventure, nature therapy, and more. View our upcoming retreats and sign up now!

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IPRP Program

IPRP is a peer support service program developed to bridge and transition individuals from clinical care into a recovery community organization by utilizing peer support groups and peer case management.

CCAR Recovery Academy

Open to HealingUS Members and Immediate Family / Partners, these retreats are designed to reunite families and inspire through travel, outdoor adventure, nature therapy, and more. View our upcoming retreats and sign up now!

Family Support

The Family Preservation Program (FPP) encompasses and involves the entire family by providing recovery-sensitive resources, education, and activities for both individual and family growth.

Women's Empowerment Group

Creating sisterhood in recovery, our women's group teaches it's attendees how to build, support, and create an IMPACT in their lives and the lives of women in our community.


CPRS Team at Hackensack Meridian Hospital

In 2012, HealingUS introduced Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS) training to the State of New Jersey. Since then, our CPRS Team has been adopted into the Hackensack Meridian Hospital in Monmouth & Bergen County assisting patients in need of intervention, treatment, and guidance in long term recovery.

TKGO Program

Become a TKGO Luminaire by offering employment, internship, apprenticeship, and educational opportunities to members in recovery. Not a hand out but a hand up. Contact [email protected] for more information!

HealingUS Recovery Homes

Opened in January 2015 in Monmouth and Ocean County, HealingUS, formerly CFC Recovery Homes were created as a perfect model for long term recovery. Many sober living's lack the structure and management that is necessary to guide individuals on a positive path to recovery. HealingUS Community Homes are a perfect blend of independence, peer support, safety, and structure that will keep residents motivated and focus on their positive life goals. These houses are democratically self-run and self-supported by occupants in recovery.

as a whole

our founders philosophy

“I always describe addiction as more of an infection than a disease. It starts off as a wound that isn’t taken care of properly whether that is a chemical imbalance, a belief system that is irrational, unresolved trauma or the inability to cope with conditions. A person finds a substance or behavior that fixes the symptoms but not the problem and the wound becomes infected (addiction). Addiction Treatment is where one goes to clean that wound out of the infection and then recovery, community, and relapse prevention are the protocol in order to finally heal that wound. Once all our wounds are healed, we need to maintain these practices so that any new wounds do not become infected.”

Daniel Regan, Founder


Stories of Hope & Healing
healingus communities, formerly cfc loud n clear

CFC has given me so many great things in my life and recovery since joining two months ago! Today after the Saturday Smart Recovery meeting me and two other CFC members went to the Manasquan reservoir. I had a beautiful time and was with an awesome company! I've met so many amazing, like-minded people with the same goal as me. CFC has also motivated me to better myself and my health. I recently started eating healthy and working out because being in recovery is about the whole picture...the mind, body, and spirit. Being a CFC member has done wonders for my well-being and recovery! Many thanks to this fantastic foundation! 🙂
Erin B.
This is my favorite meeting. It settles me and let’s me sustain a full hour of total calm and relaxation. I think everyone should experience this as it is good for mind,body and soul. We are very lucky to be afforded the opportunity to have such experience staff teach us!
Lynn M.
When I first came to CFC I was at the end of my rope. I had been to multiple treatment facilities. I had tried to get clean almost every way possible and I couldn't seem to get it. I had never heard of Smart Recovery before I came to CFC. Smart and CFC has given me the tools to be able to pause. Look at a situation for multiple perspectives. They have helped me reignite and find passions. That I thought I would never be able to find or get that motivation to try again. They instilled in me the importance of self care. That was an area I was seriously lacking in. Since then I have lost over 80 lbs. They have helped me boost my confidence that no goal is impossible. You just have to be willing to work hard enough. I am now a recovery coach. I work as a house manager for Relevance Behavioral Health LLC. and I have been sober for over 3 years sober. I am achieving things that I thought I could never do before. I am beyond grateful to everyone at CFC words can't even express how thankful I am. CFC is truly a family to me.- Amy S. The impact of my addiction today has opened doors to generational healing my family never knew we needed. The impact this program has had on myself and my family is something I can't even begin to know how to repay. I became part of the building blocks to CFC’s SHE Goals “women's empowerment” meeting, where we cover all spectrums of pain and suffering women may have endured in their lives. Whether addiction, grief, mental health, domestic violence, or loss of identity. We together, build ourselves up. I hope that this meeting leaves a lasting impact, and creates a domino effect of love & healing between women. I hope when these women sit with their mothers, sisters, daughters, friends they can spread some message of hope and leave their impact on the world that's worth remembering, I know every woman within this program, and that meeting has dramatically impacted my life. They have made me feel purpose.- Kim C. "I am a person in long term recovery who moved to this area 6 years ago. I have never witnessed an organization like CFC Loud N Clear before. I've witnessed recovery centers from Pennsylvania to Florida, however, nothing that keeps their members accountable like CFC. The open, loving, caring members, staff, and family members make all the difference. I have the "love first" approach . I was asked to be the family liaison and that, personally, has changed my life for the better. We say CFC takes you out of your comfort zone, to face your fears, and help you to overcome them. Well...it works. I am a female who does not wear dresses! CFC has gotten me to wear a dress or two to their events! Working with the family program has helped me to learn to take care of myself while helping others. I have CFC to thank for my personal growth." - Sue M. Without this awesome, supportive, teaching and FUN community, today would not be as special as it is to me (My One Year). I’ve struggled with mental health and addiction my entire life. Everyday is different, some much harder than others, but I can say that I am HAPPY today. I am learning more about myself each day and I am beginning to love the person I’m becoming. I’m not ashamed of my past anymore, I don’t beat myself up as much as I used to, I don’t immediately run away from my fears. I have learned that it is okay not to be okay and I can talk about the hard times now. I’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime and have had more fun without drugs or alcohol than I ever thought was possible. Thank you CFC Recovery for welcoming me with open arms and showing me that recovery is not only possible, but enjoyable.
CFC Member

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