Stories of Hope 

Since conception in 2012, CFC Loud N Clear Foundation has proudly served over 7,500 families.

Here are a few of our stories.  

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As with most parents or families trying to deal with addiction of a loved one, we were feeling helpless and so very afraid. We had our son in a state rehab previously and that was “ no hope”. I told a friend who immediately got a call into Jay at CFC Loud and Clear. Jay was understanding, but most of all so compassionate. He advised my husband and I to attend a family support meeting. We spoke to Lynn after the meeting- not really sure why we were there. Within an hour- at 10:30 PM we were arranging for my son to go to Owls Nest Recovery Community in Florence SC. I will never call it a rehab because it is so much more. CFC was instrumental in getting my son to the right recovery program- and it was done with heart- unlike the many other conversations I had with rehabs. 16 months after his 3 month stay—which he voluntarily remained longer—and my son is clean and sober, working full time and enjoying life with the beautiful love of his life and their new baby girl. There is hope and there is a joyful life after recovery- Thank you Jay and Lyn for your life saving work! - Ruth



CFC Loud and Clear has been the solution to my problem.  Having attempted recovery several times before I had learned a lot but there was still quite a lot missing.  When I came to CFC I decided to take advantage of all it had to offer: attend all of their SMART meetings, move into their sober-living, obtain employment through their TKGO program, serve the community at outreach events and have a blast at their go to sober outings.

SMART recovery taught me to utilize tools not only to help me get through one day at a time but how to start to build a future.  I learned how to build and maintain motivation, cope with stress, maintain a balanced lifestyle while managing my thoughts, feelings and emotions,.  This has dramatically changed my life. I have not only set but achieved many personal goals. My mom regularly attends family groups and together we have radically repaired our relationship to have bond stronger than ever.  Most importantly I have built friendships that will last a lifetime.

I have lived in sober livings before, but the other members of the B house are like brothers to me..  Everyone of them has helped me out tremendously. We function as a team and I cannot be more thankful.  Each of my housemates can relate to my daily struggles and we have open and honest communication with one another.  I have become much better at asking for help, empathizing with others and lending a helping hand. I even get the benefit of working with some of them which makes it even easier to have someone to lean on.

CFC’s TKGO program has provided me with gainful employment since I enrolled as a member.  Not only do I enjoy the work that I do but my employer is completely supportive of my recovery.  I cannot express how paramount this has been to my success. I have the freedom to attend CFC’s functions and even discuss what we are doing as a recovery community.  

CFC’s outreaches have been very important to my growth.  Participation has taught me to accept myself and overcome the stigma that I have fought for so long.  Free Hugs, Feeding The Troops, and Paint The Mall Purple have allowed me to stand proud in front of thousands of people.  I get to regularly share what this organization has done for me and act as resource to others who may need our help all while having fun doing it.

Last but not least, the sober outings allowed me to expand my horizons to new activities I would have never tried before.  From rock climbing, to snowboarding, theme parks, and museums... it is hard to believe that every weekend I get to experience new things completely provided for by CFC.  Without having any fun, recovery would only seem like work. I can honestly say that I love my new sober lifestyle. CFC saved my life.

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I found CFC Loud n Clear at a time when I was losing hope in trying to help my daughter with her addiction.  CFC provided me with resources to help her, but more importantly, CFC provided me with resources to help myself and teach me skills that I could use to help my daughter.  By attending weekly Healing Tree Family Support meetings, I have learned more about addiction, learned how to deal with crisis situations, learned about self awareness and have developed essential coping skills needed at difficult times.  I have learned the importance of taking care of myself to be better able to restore peace and harmony within my family. I learned the importance of Community Outreach and Holiday Givebacks, volunteered at Rock the Farm, became a certified CCAR Recovery Coach through a CFC Scholarship, volunteered at Paint the Mall Purple, and a number of other events, all in the hopes of sharing support and resources to help other families in need.    

More importantly, I have found a place where I never feel alone.  I have developed friendships, and found support, with other parents that can relate to what addiction has done to families. As Lynn Regan states, “Our mission is to support with kindness, care, compassion and empathy. You are not alone in this and where there is life, there is hope…”   I never feel alone, and I never give up hope, with my CFC family by my side…💜

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Crisis Miracles Healing

On July 23, 2018 at (time?), we were in a full blown crisis. Our son, Jordan, who was just released from rehab and kicked out of sober living, had overdosed again. I was really lost trying to get him the help that he needed on my own. My son’s drug of choice is considered a designer drug that no rehab in the state of New Jersey had any familiarity with. None of the doctors understood it either. His treatment was a guessing game and it was failing him. What could I do differently this time?

I confided in a co-worker who gave me three crisis numbers to call. My second call was to CFC Loud N Clear Foundation (CFC) around 4 pm.  I was so lucky to get Dan Regan who understood my situation and how to handle it. I cried my way through Jordan’s story and then Dan instructed me to take a picture of my insurance card and text it to him. He called my insurance company and started working with them to get Jordan immediate crisis care. Dan also called Jersey Shore to let the crisis team know that Jordan was coming and spoke with the CEO of the hospital on his behalf. By 9 pm he called to let me know that they were admitting him.

On July 24th, Dan called me in the morning to tell me he found a rehab in Arizona that knew all about the drug Jordan was using and how to treat him. They understood the compounds of this drug would cause our son future withdrawals one to two months after being clean and sober. Its has been less than 12 hours and Dan already understood the compounds, recurrent effects, and most importantly, the treatment center Jordan needed to go to.

On July 26th, Jordan called me from the hospital at 9 am to tell me he would go to Arizona for treatment. I texted Dan right away, he called me immediately and instructed me to go pack a bag, pick up Jordan from the hospital, and go directly to the airport. Dan arranged everything, including a recovery coach to fly with Jordan. While at the ticket counter I told Jordan the coach’s name that will be flying with him to Arizona. I will call him KK so he can remain anonymous. Jordan says, “I sure hope that’s not the KK who bullied me throughout school.” I said, “what are the chances of that?”

KK walks up he and Jordan shake hands and Jordan says:, “I thought you were the KK that bullied me throughout school.” Neither recognized each other and then KK says he went to Point Pleasant. Jordan said, “Then you were my bully!” KK replied,  “Jordan, I didn’t even know that was part of my past, but I was using drugs at the time and can we start over.” This was a life altering event for both of them, but for our son this was the start of his healing process.

If you are in a crisis or need help with addiction call CFC Loud N Clear, it’s the best call I ever made.. I know there are no guarantees, but CFC offered our family hope, education and ongoing support to move forward and eventually heal. There is a lot of shame with addiction, and I am a very private person, but I now realize in order to heal addictions we need to tell our story LOUD N CLEAR to help others.



  In November of 2013 our lives took a spin that we never thought was possible. Our seemingly perfect little family was shattered when a secret life of drug use was uncovered. Our adorable little Kyle, at 17 years old, was about to face the battle of his life. It is tough to admit that we had no idea what was going on behind our doors and right under our noses with our own child, but it was. For four years, we fought, cried and tried many IOP programs, bribes, anything we possibly could to keep Kyle clean. Nothing seemed to work. He continued to use, dropping out of college, trying technical school, aimlessly floating from thing to thing. We were dumping money and time into anything that we thought would “solve the problem”. Staring out the window night after night, not knowing where he was, what he was doing, or if he was dead or alive, it was a mother’s nightmare.

At our wits end, we put him in a year long treatment facility and, thankfully, he remained there for the entire year, being very successful. That program had a very strong family support component. Upon leaving the program, he moved to an Oxford House and the family support tended. I had grown so much as a person and a mom, I was stronger and more powerful and I didn’t want that to change. I was determined to continue my growth. Luckily, I found CFC. This organization has been a lifesaver to Kyle’s aftercare and my life. Kyle has made amazing friends,and mentors, has had wonderful experiences and has grown and  matured beyond my wildest dreams in a very short time. I have gained even more strength from the power of the group. Lynn and Tammy are more than facilitators, they are friends. The group of ladies from the Wednesday support group are sisters! We have a bond that nobody else can understand. I will be forever grateful to CFC! And, most importantly, Kyle continues to celebrate his sobriety!



I was introduced to CFC by a friend about 10 months ago. My spouse was, at that time, in active alcohol addiction. I was mentally and physically exhausted and overwhelmed with the mess my life had become. In the past 10 months, I have gained so much. I am empowered; I am encouraged. I am enthusiastic about the future. I have learned so much about this illness and about myself. CFC is a community of love and support, and I am grateful every day for all that they do.




CFC and my recovery has made my life manageable. Before I came to CFC, I was not capable of living daily life. I thought I wasn’t capable and I wanted to die. CFC has given me a life that is satisfying without drugs and alcohol. I hurt my family and friends with my drug use. I made them worried and sick that I would die. Not one person trusted me, and I didn’t blame them. I’ve learned to work through my daily fears to access my true potential. Today, I have good relationships, a good job that I love, a loving family, a beautiful girlfriend, and almost 2 years in recovery.


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CFC has helped my husband and I in so many ways. At a time when we were at our worst moments, someone recommended that we come to a meeting. That day was the beginning of our recovery. So grateful to Lynn and Tammy who welcomed us with open arms – so much caring and love in that room. Even though our son is a member, he is not making the time to be a part of CFC, mostly because of transport issues, and is currently working 3 jobs. But, we are here every week and love that we have a place where you are not judged, and where we can learn how to cope. Not like your typical NARANON or ALANON meeting – Here, we got the truth of what we needed to do or what needed to be changed. We get concrete ideas as to what to do to help our family heal. It definitely is a blessing in our lives.




CFC has given me the best year of my life. Looking back a year ago before CFC and seeing where I am today is truly amazing. When I moved in the B House I had to move my entire life down here. It was pretty much do or die at that point in my life. The biggest thing I had to do was change people, places, and things, which is exactly what CFC helped me to do. I believe that this program is why I am where I am today.

    The other members in CFC have become not only amazing friends, but they have each become a part of my family. They pushed me to grow in ways I didn’t believe I actually could. CFC has helped me get a job within the career I wanted for a long time, but I had been too afraid that I would have failed at it; much like I had failed at everything for the 8 years prior. I now enjoy my new career and love learning the trade. The T+K=GO program is amazing and has given me so much confidence. I cannot thank ALL the Regan’s, Tammy and Jay enough for all the work they do for this program. CFC shows you that recovery can be fun, and I am so thankful to be a part of this wonderful program. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for myself and CFC Loud and Clear.



First and foremost the Regan’s and CFC is not just and organization about addiction and recovery. It’s a family who give their all, who help people and their families who are struggling with addiction get their lives back. They give love, support and hope.

Dan helped get my son get into numerous facilities after relapses. By treatment and peer support my son is now 5 ½ months clean and living in a sober house in south New Jersey. My son is forever grateful for all of Dan’s help in his recovery.

My family meetings with Lynn and Tammy have given me great knowledge about addiction and recovery. Much more, they have given me and all the other kindred spirits hope and peace. My family has been blessed to find CFC and the Regan’s. May God bless them all.


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CFC helped my son on his path toward healing and a clean lifestyle. He lived in one of their sober living homes, and really bonded with his housemates. CFC provided sober socialization activities, which helped him learn to adjust to the sober life. CFC helped me to become more educated on addiction and recovery. I am much stronger and far more resilient, and I have even become a certified recovery coach! CFC offers a fantastic alternative program, and it is back up by so much love!!!!


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Knowledge – Courage – Advice- Understanding- Love- Caring – Family are some of the things CFC has done for me. I was so lost on how to help my son with his addiction. Where to go for advice and help.We were scared and struggled for years. A roller coaster of ups and downs, CFC saved my life which helped me to help my son’s journey with his life. They gave me the knowledge I needed. The courage to stand strong on things I needed to do. Advice on how to be strong enough to help myself which in turn helped my family. On days I am not feeling “so” strong they give the love, caring and understanding I need. They are the most incredible people I have ever met. I am proud to call CFC my family.



Prior to CFC, I was lost. Multiple rehabs and a stint in jail. I wasn’t going anywhere fast. With no accomplishments under my belt I felt unstable and “washed up”. I was lost, searching for anything. Upon finding CFC, I quickly found a newly discovered light. CFC has brought a sense of family and friendship. In the last, almost, 3 years I have had the same job, became the manager of a sober living, re-kindled family relationships, and most of all have found a sense of who I am, and became comfortable with myself and my past. On my path in life I foresee myself continuing to be successful and move ahead in life.



Before CFC, I had tried other groups and sober livings but, somehow, I just kept going back to my old ways. It wasn’t until I found CFC and a group of friends that were consistent and truly cared that I felt safe and completely at home. I’ve been a member for a few years nowand have faced numberous obstacles and challenges in life and I have only gotten through them because of the love and support I get from my CFC family. We do many activities and events that make us feel good about ourselves and like our lives matter and without the experiences I have had I don’t think I would have ever felt so proud and meaningful as a person. I cannot thank CFC enough for encouraging me to be a better person each and every day.


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My addiction led me down a path that I never want to experience again. I was so broken and lost. I really did not think I would ever get better. CFC has helped me recover and finally get my life back on track. I have changed completely. Today, I can say I am a good person and a productive member of society. My life is amazing and I owe it all to my family and the members in CFC.




CFC has helped my family by getting my daughter into great treatment facilities that have helped her in all aspects of her life. Also, by having the sober living residence for her to live in. Not only has CFC helped my daughter to live a happy, healthy, sober life but they have helped me with the wonderful parent meetings. The parent meetings have taught me to take care of myself which, in turn, has helped me with my daughter. CFC offers support in so many ways. If it was not for CFC my daughter and our family would not be where we are today. Our daughter has a great job, lots of great friends, and is beyond happy.




When I found CFC I was at my rock bottom. I had just gotten out of my 4th rehab and moved to New Jersey, this was my first time living outside of my home state. I had no aftercare plan and was petrified of another relapse. I tried getting sober 2 times before and I could never find a close-knit group of people who were trying to do the same, and I honestly never thought I would. When I found CFC I thought that it was going to be too good to be true, but as soon as I became a member everyone welcomed me in with open arms like one of the family. I could not be more grateful for where I am today and the fact that I found a group of people who are doing the same thing I am and that support me like family. We’ve all been through horrible things, and I don’t know where I would be without each and every CFC member to lean on.




Prior to coming into CFC, my life was completely unmanageable. I was living on the beach after being kicked out of my sober living. I was lying to my family every day and even more importantly, to myself. After being to multiple treatments facilities and sober livings, I finally decided to change my life I moved into the B-house sober living suggested by CFC. I have been sober now for 3 years. CFC has changed my life in every aspect. This program has showed me that you can live happy, joyful and free. CFC has pushed me to become a Recovery Coach, participate in community events, go to meetings and be a productive member of society. They have given me the opportunity to be a staff member and now, a sober living house manager. I am truly blessed and grateful for everything CFC has done for me. I love you all.

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Before CFC, I was completely alone in the world. My active addiction had taken control of my life and brought me to my knees. At the end of my 6 years of on again off again drug use, I finally stumbled across CFC Loud and Clear. CFC has shown me how to take my life back and hold onto it this time. In my addiction, I had lost it all. But, over a few short months at CFC I’m gaining everything back. Most importantly for me is that I’ve found a family of sober people here who care about me and made me feel welcome. I owe my life and my happiness to this program. Thank you CFC!




Prior to CFC I was slowly losing myself to drugs, alcohol, and other negative behaviors. Although accomplishing a lot, and extremely seemingly preforming well, internally I was slowly killing myself as well as hiding the fact that I was beginning to neglect certain commitments. During my addiction my parents, brothers, sister and close friends has lost trust in me, hope that I would turn my life around and receive the help I needed, as well as support. I lost internship opportunities, social opportunities, and most importantly, myself. Presently, I am a member of CFC Loud and Clear, which has changed my life or the better. I am living a clean and sober life, received my recovery coach certification, am involved with my fire company, and am enrolled in Caldwell University as a graduate student. I have formed relationships with my family, friends, and myself. I gained trust and faith of loved ones as well as meaningful relationships. I have learned that I do not need drugs and alcohol to get me through the day, that I need time to myself, that I can trust and open up to people and connect with others. In my future, I see myself giving back as a SMART facilitator, recovery coach, and as a mental health counselor as well. I know that I can do all this a direct result of my sobriety and focusing on my mental health.



I had found CFC Loud and Clear during one of the darkest period of my life. I was clinically depressed, and although I was sober I had no idea what recovery was. I had lost my mother to her addiction a few months prior and was raising my young daughter alone. I was stuck in a job that was only further contributing to my misery and was on an express route to relapse. After finding my way to this organization, I now believe that I am worth so much more than I had ever been able to see. I am setting the example of new beginning for my daughter, and am brought to tears each time she tells me how proud she is. With the love and support of my CFC family I have been able to obtain multiple certificates, as well as finish my CADC schooling. I am buying my own home, and am able to give my daughter the life she deserves. I truly believe that had it not been for CFC Loud and Clear, I would have ended up like so many young people within our state, another obituary. I have found my calling, and now do all I can to give back what was so lovingly given to me. Thank God for this organization and for the entire Regan family.



Prior to CFC, I was not in a good place. I was using drugs to numb my pain at first, then it just became a job after that to keep it going. My life was so unmanageable because drugs were always on my mind and started to come before everything and everyone. I hurt many people, mostly my family during my addiction, not to mention myself. After CFC I can really say that for the most part, other than normal issues; working, going to school, and getting tired, everything in my life is going very well. My life isn’t perfect yet, but I’m getting there. I have really learned that the accomplishments that truly matter take time, but its all coming together one day at a time. I can now say that along with working, I am attending college, take care of my 18 month old son, I spend quality time with my family and my husband. Yes, I still have everyday issues, but I am happier today with my life. CFC has really helped me to understand that I can really see myself finishing school and working as a drug and alcohol counselor. I now know that I can support my family and being happy to just spend time with them. Without CFC I don’t really know where I would be not and I don’t ever want to find out.

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I knew my grandson was having a drug problem but didn’t know to help my daughter with his problem. She read an article about CFC and decided to go to the family meeting at the farm. I went with her and felt after that first meeting that we were in the best place for us to get that help. At those meeting’s we hear from many families that were going through the same problems as we were having. Lynn Regan helps the families with advice as to what to do to help themselves and other families. It is the best place for help and comfort for our family and other families.