Coming Full Circle Loud n Clear

Award Winning Relapse Prevention Program 

Our Recovery model 

Every piece of this model is monitored and color coded by industry professionals based on a members progress. This is a peer driven program that believes in many roads to recovery. Each new member will receive a custom recovery plan based off of this model. 

This program is complex and all-encompassing. CFC Loud N Clear Foundation is not a treatment program and does not provide clinical services.

Community Outreach & Giveback 


Depending on what stage a member is in will determine the recovery plan. This is an accountability program. CFC services are available to new members for up to five years before graduation to alumni plus. 

STAGE 1: Awakening (1-3 months) 

STAGE 2: Fortification (3-6 months) 

STAGE 3: Broadening (6-12 months) 

STAGE 4: Emergent (12-18 months) 

STAGE 5: Alumni / Volunteer in Solid Recovery (18 + months) 

ALUMNI PLUS: A strong, committed group of alumni that have become certified Recovery Coaches, willing and able to be on call as resources for new members, attending and/or facilitating at least one meeting per month. Continue to communicate and create long term goals. 

CRISIS INTERVENTION TEAM: A small group of alumni plus members whom have graduated from the program. These members have been trained as recovery coaches and interventionists to be on call for the local police department. 

Sober Socialization

A multitude of daily events are occurring throughout the month. These events are sober/clean activities. We promote reintegration into society as a sober individual. We believe in exposure to real-life situations with the safety of a sober sensitive peer group. We encourage a peer driven calendar.


Group Meetings

CFC firmly believes in many roads to recovery and encourages members to participate in any meetings that resonate with them. CFC offers SMART Recovery, AA/NA meetings, Faith Based Meetings, Gender Specific Meetings, and Family Support Group Meetings.


Internships & TK+GO Careers

We also have a multitude of career opportunities available to expose our clients to “a day in the life of” something that may interest them. Local businesses through the help of our

Chamber of Commerce donate their time & knowledge to our members. This opens new opportunities and exposes them to the workforce.


Life Skills Workshops

We offer Family workshops, SMART Recovery Meetings, Faith Based Meetings, Gender Specific Meetings, Resume Building, Time Management Workshop, and much more!

Each program is exceptionally unique and offers different approaches to healing, recovery, trauma & all life crisis.


Meditation & Workout Routines

Inner strength and peace is essential in recovery. CFC Loud N Clear Foundation offers weekly meditation classes as well as group kickboxing and workout sessions.

Sober Living

In January 2016, CFC partnered with B House Sober Living to provide high-quality, supervised transitional living for those in need. The houses are currently located in Jackson Twsp. and Howell Twsp. B Houses has plans to open two additional houses in 2018.