T+K=GO Program

Share your Time and Knowledge with our members so they can GO and be productive citizens in our community!™

CFC believes that the need to inspire our recovering young adults is of the utmost importance. Helping them to become productive and understand that they too can become self-sufficient is of top priority. This exposure to different career opportunities from local business mentors is necessary in building confidence, self reliance and passion for a healthy lifestyle. This exposure fuels vision and creates enlightenment & passion in these young adults. They will say after a day with a mentor: "Wow, I can see myself doing that!" .  It also creates a feeling of acceptance within a community. In return, these young adults do not feel as an outcast by their past, but feel embraced by their community. Again evident, "It will take a Community". 


There are two TK=Go Options: (Level of involvement")

Option #1: "Mentorship" -

Participating TK=Go Local business person spending a few hours of time showing a young adult what your work day consists of. Sharing your vision, why & how you decided to get involved in the work you do. The difficulties of the job, the perks of the job, ect. "Be the Change"

Option #2: "Mentorship becomes Employment" -

Participating TK=Go Local Business person is impressed by the CFC participant and offers him/her a job opportunity.