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In 2011, after years of an up-hill battle with his own heroin addiction and being dragged through the revolving door of treatment centers, Daniel realized the critical and vital need for extended aftercare and peer-based support. Upon returning home to New Jersey, Daniel created, with the help of his mother Lynn, a recovery plan for himself that would later become a life saving program for thousands of families.

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Lynn regan

Holding a degree in Early Childhood Education from Kean University, Lynn Regan owned and operated a chain of daycare centers in Ocean County for over 20 years. When her son battled a heroin addiction, Lynn changed career paths and instantly became involved in the field. She has been an advocate for change and has helped thousands of families.

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Sarah has been in the health and wellness field for over 10 years now, holds degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology, and is currently pursuing her CADC certification. When introduced to the team at CFC, she knew instantly that she belonged here working with this team of professionals in the field of addiction. Words cannot explain the connection between the members and staff here at CFC, and the amazing work that we are doing in the field of recovery. 


Sarah Fichtner, clinical counselor, holds a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Kean University and a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Human development from the University of Maryland. As a former Division 1 student-athlete and captain of the women’s soccer team, Sarah was exposed to the prevalence of substance abuse and mental health issues among the athlete population and knew she wanted to pursue a career in counseling. Sarah has extensive experience; clinical internships at Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Riverview Medical Center, and Southern Ocean Medical Center, published in the national magazine Counseling Today, and honored for her academic achievements at the 2018 ACA National conference in Atlanta Georgia. Sarah was drawn to CFC for many reasons, “when addiction affected my family the system failed; I truly believe CFC is changing the way in which we view and treat substance abuse and mental health issues. The holistic modalities, open-minded and passionate staff and visionary environment is revolutionary; I am blessed to be a part of this foundation!”

Jay Rivera

Jay is the heart and soul behind all CFC Sober activities. He makes recovery fun. CDAC certification, Jay is a kind, humble, and compassionate leader to the members of CFC.