Finding Hope Presentation: (Treatment Centers, Detox, Sober Livings, Recovery events)

This presentation is directed to an audience who is in recovery or has a loved one in recovery. What is recovery? That is the question we will answer in this high energy and uplifting presentation. We will get in depth about how to avoid and overcome the pitfalls on this journey of self-discovery. Learning how to peel the layers of the onion back revealing our authentic selves so we can make life happen. “Strong is what happens when you run out of weak”.

The Importance of aftercare: (Treatment providers & Clients)

This presentation gives treatment providers and clients a new perspective on life outside of treatment. The importance of post treatment care (relapse prevention) is the most important aspect of successful recovery. When an individual graduates from treatment that is the day their new life starts. This is the time when all the tools they learned in treatment need to be put into action. Having a support program to help nudge the individual into creating opportunity and guide through them through the trials of life; is absolutely necessary for success. We will give a guide of post treatment options and discuss our after care system CFC Loud N Clear. “When ‘I’ is replaced by ‘WE’, illness becomes wellness.”

The Truth about Addiction: (College, High School, Middle School)

This is a presentation geared towards prevention. Teaching adolescents and young adults about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Kids in today’s culture are desensitized to danger. In most cases danger and disorderly conduct are emphasized as being cool. We hear it in our music, watch in on TV and wear it on our clothing. Drug and Alcohol use in our society is now at an all-time HIGH. This is why the way we address this issue has to change. Our presenters are all young (Early to Late 20’s) this is the difference, we are peers to adolescents so what we say is heard. Our stories are told in a way that is educational and addresses insecurity, bullying, boredom, anxiety and the many other reasons someone decides to take that first hit that won’t stop. We challenge the audience’s rational belief system, so that they question themselves before they make the wrong decision. “Creating pause before reaction, training our inner ninja.” Emotional Intelligence.