Teaching recovering addicts confidence, self reliance, self-sufficiency, productivity and passion through mentorship & career program.

Since 2012, CFC Loud n Clear Foundation has paved the way as a model relapse prevention program and Recovery Community Organization. One of the first in the State, CFC developed programs that have since been spread across numerous communities.

CFC Loud N Clear Foundation’s relapse prevention program is designed to provide families and recovering addicts all of the necessary tools to rebuild their lives and become active members in society through their peer to peer accountability program. One of these components is the T+K=GO Career & Employment Program™.

CFC believes that the need to inspire our recovering adults is of the utmost importance. Helping them to become productive and understand that they too can become self-sufficient is of top priority. Executive Director, Lynn Regan says “This exposure to different career opportunities from local business mentors is necessary in building confidence, self reliance and passion for a healthy lifestyle. It fuels vision and creates enlightenment and passion in these young adults. They will say after a day with a mentor: “Wow, I can see myself doing that!”. It also creates a feeling of acceptance within a community. In return, these young adults do not feel as an outcast by their past, but feel embraced by their community. Again evident, “It will take a Community”.

CFC Loud N Clear works with local Chambers of Commerce to provide these opportunities for their members. The success rate has been unbelievable. A few participating companies include Joe Abatement HVAC, Risco RV, Nationwide Imaging, Big Frog, and many others. Lynn Regan says, “The first question we ask our members during intake is ‘what is your passion?’. This helps us determine which T+K=Go Employer, which we call ‘Luminaires; lighting the way for change’, this member should be matched with. We had one member come in and say ‘my passion is animals’, we were able to match that member with a local Veterinarian and he is now pursuing an education in Vet Tech school.”

There are two TK=Go Options: (Level of involvement”)


Participating T+K=Go Mentorship, a local business person will spend a few hours of time showing a young adult what your work day consists of. Sharing your vision, why & how you decided to get involved in the work you do. The difficulties of the job, the perks of the job, ect. “Be the Change”


Participating TK=Go Local Business person is impressed by the CFC participant and offers him/her a job opportunity.

CFC Loud N Clear Foundation is always looking for more businesses to fuel this program. If you are interested in becoming a T+K=GO Luminaire, please contact us today.


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