Recovery Enhancement Program

The Recovery Enhancement Program (REP) is a program that aids individuals who suffer from addiction on their journey to recovery. REP is designed as an extension of residential treatment that is intended to help participants follow through with their aftercare recommendations. Such recommendations may include random urine drug screenings, attendance at meetings, meetings with a Recovery Coach, meetings with a therapist, counselor, or psychiatrist, and attendance at aftercare or outpatient services. The program is not limited to only those suffering from a chemical dependency; it is also available to individuals with mental health issues and other process addictions (such as eating disorders or gambling addiction, etc.). We offer two different tracks to provide a progressive level of support.

Case Management Level I not only benefits the individuals participating in the program, it also benefits their loved ones and support network. The program gives responsibility back to the participants while holding them accountable for their own program progress. This alleviates family members from the burden of monitoring the participant on their own.

What are the Components of a REP contract?

  • Coordinating randomized drug screens
  • Optional collaboration with Soberlink, Inc. for mobile alcohol monitoring
  • Tracking attendance of mutual support group
  • Tracking meetings with a sponsor, therapist and/or psychiatrist
  • Tracking attendance at Aftercare or Outpatient services, as recommended
  • Providing monthly disclosure of program   progress to participants personal contacts
  • Check-ins with participant, family members, and aftercare providers, as needed

How does REP manage these requirements?

  • Urine drug and alcohol screening: Clients are required to call in on weekdays to an automated system to find out if they are selected to do a urine drug screening. If they are chosen, they have on hand a list of approved testing sites. They are required to take along a pre-paid testing form called a Chain of Custody (COC) form.
    • Costs for the test are paid through the COC form
    • If a participant’s urine drug screen comes back diluted or positive, it will be reviewed by a Medical Review Office that will determine if the test clears or fails
  • Attendance at meetings
  • Meetings with a Recovery Coach 
  • Meetings with a therapist/counselor/psychiatrist: If meeting with any of these professionals is a recommendation made by the treatment center or family as part of aftercare, then REP will request updates from these individuals on either a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the case.
  • Attendance at Aftercare or Outpatient services (if recommended): If a participant needs to follow up with Aftercare or Outpatient services, REP will request monthly treatment updates from the provider.

REP Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. How do we get our family member into Recovery Enhancement Program? We will need a Release of Confidential Health Information to contact their addiction treatment provider and get their after-care recommendations.
  2. How long does it take to get into the REP program?  At that time we send out a start up packet that includes instructions about the program and testing forms to begin completing the drug screens. The whole process can take 1-2 weeks, however if contacted before the second-to-last week of treatment, we can usually have a new client entered into the REP program the day they discharge.